March 07, 2019

The world's largest fashion houses unveiled their latest collection of 2019 dresseswhich featured a variety of evening dresses. Here are the most beautiful 2019-Evening Dresses, presented by the most famous brands in fashion shows in the spring and summer season.

  • 1-Mermaid dress from Zac Posen and Christian Siriano
  • Mermaid dresses are still leading the fashion scene with big names such as Zac Posen and Christian Siriano in their various styles. We were impressed by the design of Ceriano from the 2019-Evening Dresses of Cruise Group which is characterized by its compact size and long blown sleeves making it an ideal choice for veils and also, we nominate this model for short stature.

  • 2-Dress of Christian Dior
  • It is a distinctive dress designed in a way that disguises the full thigh as it fluffy suits the thick and thin women. This design dominated the Christian Dior, Sachin & Babi, and Oscar de la Renta groups.

  • 3-Dolce &Gabbana Dress
  • One of the most beautiful 2019-Evening Dresses that dazzled us in the black color is Dolce & Gabbana design which was characterized by its fluffy design with the crimpers covered by it as well as the transparent cloth in the abdomen.

  • 4-A-Line Dress (from Camilla and Marc)
  • The A-Line dresses remain one of the best designs that fit all objects because they help you hide all body imperfections
  • 5-High Low dresses (from Oscar de la Renta)
  • High Low dresses are one of the trendiest trends this season and we recommend them for short women if the dresses are taller than the knee. We suggest the designs signed by Oscar de la Renta _that reach to the middle of the leg _them to the stylist